Flexible, scalable design for incremental deployment. 
Pulse Data Centre consists of three stand alone data centres linked by a central security facility.

Floor Layout AND Technical Area

Pulse DC consists of three stand alone data centres linked by a central security facility. Each data centre contains four separate data halls each spanning 365m2 and house 180 racks per hall. Each hall is designed to support at a base, 625kW of IT load.

The design allows for various capacity racks and has the ability to support high density equipment as required.

The Benefits of Pulse DC’s Design Include:

{"title":"Low\/high Density Systems","description":"Up to 30 kW per rack through the use of a 700mm raised floor and isolation of the hot air return.","name":"low-high"} {"title":"Scalability","description":"Space available for your business to grow with 100s of rack available.","name":"scalability"} {"title":"Floor Loading Capacity","description":"1500 kg \/ m2.","name":"kg"} {"title":"Overhead Connectivity","description":"Overhead telecommunications and connectivity trays with preconfigured patching available.","name":"overhead"} {"title":"Secure Loading Dock","description":"A large enclosed and secure loading dock ensures protection for unloading Middle Rigid Vehicles of up to 6 metres in length and 3.6 metres in height.","name":"loading-dock"} {"title":"2.7m High Doors and High Ceilings","description":"4.5 metres floor to ceiling.","name":"high-doors"} {"title":"Private Secure Suite","description":"Available with areas starting from 94 m2.","name":"gates"} {"title":"23\u02daC Average","description":"Average temperature of 22\u02daC \u00b1 2\u02daC (customised temperature ranges to full ASHRAE spectrum available in private suites).","name":"c"} {"title":"50% Humidity","description":"Average relative humidity of 50% \u00b1 10%.","name":"humidity"} {"title":"Multiple Access Points","description":"Multiple access points in each data hall for increased safety and minimisation of traffic within the technical area. A central plant area separates the two data halls and ensures direct access to equipment. ","name":"multiple-access"} {"title":"Secure Temporary Equipment Storage Area","description":"Adjoining the loading dock are secure temporary storage and commissioning spaces.","name":"secure-door"} {"title":"All On One Level","description":"Loading dock and entire facility on one level without ramps or stairs providing easy and safe access for installation of equipment.","name":"one-level"}

floor plan

Large open planned data halls allow for continuous rack deployment. Each pod consists of 36 racks.