Flexible, scalable design to incremental deployment and customisable client solutions.

Floor Layout AND Technical Area

The Pulse DC master design consists of three stand-alone data centres linked by a central security facility. Each data centre contains four separate data halls each spanning 365m2 and house 180 racks per hall. Our first DC was completed in April 2018 and each hall is designed to support at a base, 625kW of IT load.

The design allows for various capacity racks and has the ability to support high density equipment as required.

The Benefits of Pulse DC’s Design Include:

{"title":"Low\/high Density Systems","description":"2kW-10kW available as standard. High density environments on request eg. 30kW. ","name":"low-high"} {"title":"Scalability","description":"Space available for your business to grow with 100s of rack available.","name":"scalability"} {"title":"Floor Loading Capacity","description":"1500 kg \/ m2.","name":"kg"} {"title":"Overhead Connectivity","description":"Overhead telecommunications and connectivity trays with preconfigured patching available.","name":"overhead"} {"title":"Secure Loading Dock","description":"A large enclosed and secure loading dock ensures protection for unloading Middle Rigid Vehicles of up to 6 metres in length and 3.6 metres in height.","name":"loading-dock"} {"title":"2.7m High Doors and High Ceilings","description":"4.5 metres floor to ceiling.","name":"high-doors"} {"title":"Private Secure Suite","description":"Available with areas starting from 94 m2.","name":"gates"} {"title":"23\u02daC Average","description":"SLA temperatures of 24\u02daC \u00b1 2\u02daC.","name":"c"} {"title":"50% Humidity","description":"SLA relative humidity of 50% \u00b1 30%.","name":"humidity"} {"title":"Multiple Access Points","description":"Multiple access points in each data hall for increased safety and minimisation of traffic within the technical area. A central plant area separates the two data halls and ensures direct access to equipment. ","name":"multiple-access"} {"title":"Secure Temporary Equipment Storage Area","description":"Adjoining the loading dock are secure temporary storage and commissioning spaces.","name":"secure-door"} {"title":"All On One Level","description":"Loading dock and entire facility on one level without ramps or stairs providing easy and safe access for installation of equipment.","name":"one-level"}

floor plan

Four large open planned data halls allow for continuous rack deployment. Each Data Hall accommodates five pods containing 36 racks for a total of 180 racks total in each hall and 720 total for the entire data centre.