Carrier neutral, multiple providers. Latency to Brisbane ~2ms RTD.


Pulse DC consists of three stand alone data centres linked by a central security facility. Each data centre contains four separate data halls spanning 365m² and will house approximately 180 racks per hall. Each hall is designed to support, as a base, 625kW of IT load. The design allows for various density racks and has the ability to support larger loads as required.

{"title":"Carrier Neutrality","description":"We provide the carriers you do the choosing. Our carrier network gives provider and physical path diversity.","name":"carrier-neutral"} {"title":"Secure","description":"Our carrier interconnect rooms provide the physical and cyber security you expect.","name":"shield-ticked"} {"title":"Diverse Paths","description":"Carriers have the ability to provide two totally physically diverse connections to your rack.","name":"fork"} {"title":"Cost Efficient","description":"Most carriers provide metro DC pricing in our facility.","name":"piggy-bank"} {"title":"Performance","description":"Low latency, high bandwidth, guaranteed performance.","name":"performance"} {"title":"Fast and Easy Cross Connects","description":"Delivered in hours, connectivity anywhere is yours for the taking.","name":"tbar-connect"}

More options and more redundancy

Toowoomba is the convergence of major connectivity loops providing more than just diverse feeds.