Flexible, scalable design for incremental deployment. Pulse Data Centre consists of three stand alone data centres linked by a central security facility.


As expected, Pulse DC has state-of-the-art security measures in place, to ensure clients have peace of mind. A high security, 24/7 access facility with digital video surveillance, multi-factor authentication and biometric security.


{"title":"24\/7 Access","description":"24\/7 access through a single secure access point. Loading dock under restricted access.","name":"24-7"} {"title":"On-site Security Personnel 24\/7 \u2013 365 Days","description":"Our team are available to assist when you need them. ","name":"security-man"} {"title":"Separate Secure Lobby","description":"Separate secure lobby.","name":"locked-door"} {"title":"Multi-factor Authentication","description":"Multi-factor authentication, including biometric screening.","name":"multi-lock"} {"title":"Physical and Electronic Security","description":"Multiple layers of physical and electronic security.","name":"button"} {"title":"Individual Person Traps","description":"Individual person traps with biometric screening, compulsory for entry and exit.","name":"person-traps"} {"title":"24\/7 Monitored Surveillance","description":"Cameras and detection, capturing access through the facility and surrounding areas. ","name":"monitors"} {"title":"6 Month Footage Retention","description":"Digital video surveillance retaining for a minimum six months (longer if required).","name":"calendar"} {"title":"Demarcated Spaces","description":"Each technical space and private suite demarcated as separate security zones.","name":"locked-spaces"} {"title":"Safer UPS and Batteries","description":"Latest Generation Lithium Ion Solution. ","name":"ups"} {"title":"Vehicle Traps","description":"Vehicle trap and security buffer zone.","name":"vehicle-traps"} {"title":"Practical Security","description":"Protocols designed to maintain desired security levels without impeding legitimate work flows.","name":"practical-security"}

Single integrated system with full access audit trail

  • Secure Car Park
    RFID Card Access
  • Interlocked Main Entry Airlock
    RFID Card Access
  • Individual Person Trap with Two Factor Authentication
    Biometric and RFID Card Access
  • Individual Data Halls
    RFID Card Access
  • Electronic Customer Rack Access
    RFID Card Access
Over 80 cameras integrated with access control system


  1. Vehicle trap and security buffer zone
  2. Carpark
  3. Main entrance airlock
  4. Single person traps
  5. Internal access foyers
  6. Data hall zone access
  7. Access to designated suites
  8. Rack level security control
  9. Secure unloading access
  10. Secure plant area