Pulse DC has been designed to take advantage of the cooler climate conditions of the Toowoomba region. The environmentally friendly design of Pulse DC’s buildings ensures minimal environmental impact without compromising performance or resilience.

The consistent increase of the cost of power has caused it to become one of the highest operational expenditures affecting all businesses. The evaluation of power costs and reliability for larger business is driving significant shifts. In some cases, businesses are selecting specific locations or even relocating to achieve a more certain, predictable and competitive outcome for their operations.

As a significant consumer of power ourselves, the FKG Group understands this driver and will be outlaying significant capital to provide energy solutions to the Toowoomba Technology Park. The solution will be focused on delivering reliable, significantly more affordable and efficient renewable power options and the Pulse Data Centre will be a direct beneficiary.

Preliminary designs of the energy solutions are currently being drawn up and council applications prepared. Additional updates will be provided as they become available.

Our scalable approach includes the following features:

{"title":"Free cooling capability for greater than 80% of hours","description":"N+1 chillers with free cooling capability for up to 80% of the year.","name":"free-cooling"} {"title":"High energy efficient building design","description":"Each building is designed to maximise natural airflow and heat dissipation.","name":"building"} {"title":"Air segregation maximises efficiency","description":"Highly effective hot and cold air segregation to achieve maximum efficiency.","name":"air"} {"title":"Highly efficient unity power factor static UPS","description":"Lithium Ion Static UPS chosen to minimise loss across a broad capacity and demand range. ","name":"ups"} {"title":"Motion activated lighting","description":"Energy efficient lighting with motion detected activation throughout.","name":"lighting"} {"title":"Automatic lights out","description":"Automatic lights out in inactive technical areas.","name":"lights"} {"title":"Zero water usage","description":"Closed loop chilled water solution. ","name":"globe"} {"title":"Water captured on site and reused","description":"Recycling at its best.","name":"tear-drop-alt"} {"title":"Future access to Energy Precinct","description":"Future direct access to AATLIS Energy Precinct.","name":"direct-access"} {"title":"Future access to large scale solar","description":"Future access to large scale solar farm as part of AATLIS Energy Precinct. ","name":"sun"}