Company Information


  • Peter Blunt

    General Manager - Data Centres

    Experienced in designing, building and operating multiple data centres in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne during his 12 years in the industry, Peter believes that 100% uptime is mandatory and must be delivered whilst maintaining the highest standard of customer experience and accessibility.

  • Stuart Mitchell

    Facilities Manager

    As the Facilties Manager, Stuart is responsible for the development, implementation, ongoing compliance, and maintenance procedures to ensure the performance and uptime of Pulse Data Centre facilities.  

  • Kevyn Dick

    Facilities Services Manager

    With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, Kevyn applies practical skills and technical knowledge to the management of the Data Centres. 

  • John Henderson

    Business Development Manager

    With a background in facilitating organisations and vendors, and with a deep understanding of enterprise requirements, John has 20 years of experience in professional excellence and management in all aspects of ICT.

  • Sam McErvale

    Critical Operations Manager

    An accomplished Senior Technologist with over 15 years’ experience in large multinational organisations, Sam boasts excellent program, project management and delivery skills. This, coupled with a strategic outlook and proven leadership abilities in enterprise operational and transformation groups makes Sam an expert in the field.