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The first of its kind.

Pulse Data Centre offers highly resilient, Tier III Uptime designed large scale centre capacity outside of major capital cities.

Pulse Data Centre

Pulse Data Centre (Pulse DC) is the first of its kind offering highly resilient, Tier III Uptime designed large scale data centre capacity outside of major capital cities.


Designed as a primary site to support corporate and enterprise customers; local, state and federal government and global technology giants.

Easily accessed from Brisbane by road and air, with freight and passenger services available via the nearby Brisbane West International Airport (Wellcamp).


Located approximately 120 km from Brisbane, 700 km from Sydney and 900 km from Canberra, the site is unique as it offers true business continuity protection due to its Independence from major capital cities and an elevation of 507 metres above sea level.

With diverse fibre feed paths from multiple carriers the site is not reliant on any one major city for continuous connectivity, providing a very high level of connectivity resilience. This site is also an ideal carrier point of presence and distribution hub for servicing Western Queensland and beyond.



Construction of Pulse DC commenced in June 2017 with completion, testing and commissioning to be finalised early 2018.


Pulse DC will comprise three separate data buildings, each with independent mechanical and electrical infrastructure.

The 29 hectare master plan includes a large scale, dedicated low cost storage and archiving facility for corporate and government customers.

Early adopters have the opportunity to customise and design their data building to suit their business needs, with multiple tier levels and tailored security requirements, up to ASIO T4 if required.

All components of Pulse DC design are optimised for the local climatic conditions which are ideal for utilising free cooling capability providing excellent operating efficiency and PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness).

With high power capacity and a large available footprint this site is ideal for any size business, including global technology giants, guaranteeing exceptional delivery of a first class data centre at a very competitive cost. 

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