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High Security.

24/7 access with digital video surveillance, multi-factor authentication and biometric security.

Capability: Security

  1. Vehicle trap and security buffer zone
  2. Carpark
  3. Main entrance airlock
  4. Single person traps
  5. Internal access foyers
  6. Data hall zone access
  7. Access to designated suites
  8. Rack level security control
  9. Secure unloading access
  10. Secure plant area

Security Steps


  • Each data hall features a dedicated chilled water, an excellent climatic condition to optimise free cooling;
  • Buildings designed to maximise natural airflow and heat dissipation;
  • Highly effective hot and cold air segregation to achieve maximum efficiency;
  • Ability to customise air delivery temperatures to maximise cooling efficiencyloop external to the building;
  • N+1 chillers with free cooling capability for up to 80% of the year;
  • Integration between multiple chiller loops provide for greater efficiency and N+2 chillers at full load;
  • Static UPS chosen to minimise loss across a broad capacity and demand range;
  • Automatic lights out in inactive technical areas;
  • Energy efficient lighting with motion detected activation throughout.

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