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Highly resilient. Extremely efficient.

Resilience and efficiency in operations, achieved through a scalable approach.

Capability: Electrical

Highly resilient and extremely efficient operations are achieved through a scalable approach with the following features:


  • Highly resilient A+B+C feeds from transformer to rack with 100% uptime SLA;
  • Supply delivered by a 33 kV HV loop which is fed from separate 110 kV to 33 kV substations;
  • Each data centre feed has an independent 33 kV to 415 V transformer feeding through independent static UPS to provide A+B+C to each rack;
  • Each UPS and battery bank is contained in its own separate fire rated room;
  • A bank of parallel generators in an N+1 configuration deliver back-up power to an automated transfer switch protecting against both supply and transformer failures;
  • Power reticulation to the technical area is by underfloor bus duct with individual rack;
  • Tap-offs to provide a variety of supply, control and metering options feeding rack PDUs;
  • Three phase and single phase power available at each rack;
  • Use of underfloor bus duct allows instant customised “live” rack power deployments with no disturbance to existing services or equipment;
  • All power reticulation is underfloor and colour coded allowing quick visual confirmation of connection and configuration.

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